Nicole Baker MFA LRVS Thesis 2019

The Responsibilities of Spectatorship: Reality, Media, Tactical Consumption, and You

Imagine none of this is real. 

Whatever that means to you, however you might attempt to picture an , whatever references you might take from your lived experience.  With that brain-twisting idea of replacing what you see around you with an imagined unreal space, I invite you to engage with this work.  Make note of how the machines work, and the material creation of the images playing out before you.  Examine how the illusions are constructed.

And then imagine none of this is real.

This landscape is familiar.  You’ve been here before, or maybe you saw it in a movie.  But something is off, something is strange. This image is breaking down.  These images overlap.  Look more closely and you’ll see the footage is folding in on itself.  Look again, see how media is made and hear how it speaks.

Imagine none of this is real.

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