Bryan Colombo BFA Thesis Fall 2010

Damage and Grace: Beauty and Despair in the Contemporary Landscape

I am not sure how anyone can look at the landscape they live in, or travel through, and not see the impact that humans have had on the land. My process of making this body of photographic work has been my attempt to better understand the places I have lived in and traveled through around and between Walla Walla, WA and Portland, OR. We are all connected to the land because we need resources from it to live. My work visually documents the impact our resources and waste production have had on the landscape as a result of living the lives we choose. The images I have made are meant to bring up a series of questions for the viewer. I am arguing however that modern technology has allowed us to become disconnected from how these resources translate into the modern lifestyle we take for granted. I want to provoke the viewer to recognize the effects of human alteration of the landscape and consider the negative effects it has on us both mentally and physically.

20 albums

Fall 2010