Carter Pierce BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2014

Dystopia: A Visible Trajectory in America's Anxieties

Each of these illustrations condenses a dystopian trope by using architectural and botanical metaphors. By studying the genre, I plugged in my understandings of dystopian themes and language into my own imagined space.

In representing a distinct dystopian trope or subgenre with each piece, I chose botanical elements that either in their traits or form, best fit these the conceptual nature of given dystopian subgenre. The vocabulary and concepts that I use in this series cherry-picks from a long history of dystopian media.

In addition to looking at the imagery used by various popular dystopian artists, I also examined what anxieties caused them to create their work. There is precision to the timing for when a dystopian work is released. The themes in any given work are not only relevant to their time, but also crucial in creating a dialogue with a larger audience.

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Spring 2014