Claire Redman BFA Printmaking Thesis Fall 2014

Edge Against Edge: Edge as Horizon, Boundary, and Formal Element

This essay will explore three definitions of the word “edge” and how it relates to art. The first is the ideal edge as horizon; this horizon acts as an edge both formally and conceptually. It can manifest as a literal edge between the earth and the sky, or as a possible precipice of thought and meaning. I use Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog to exemplify this point. Second, I will discuss edges in painting and how they can act as a boundary lines, between artists, viewers and others who occupy the art world. To conclude this discussion on edges, I will speak to the formal qualities of edges in painting. Within my own work, the edge becomes a tool that delineates one shape from another. Since my own paintings do not use atmospheric or linear perspective to achieve depth, the edges become vital.

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Fall 2014