Kelsey Holland-Rayle BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2016

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is a product line of eight main objects, parentbranding and packaging. Inspired by my own struggles with mental illness, I wanted to address four subjects: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Disorganization by designing objects that project Calm, Positivity, Sleep and Organization.

I had several main goals for this project. I wanted to bring attention to the importance of environment and interaction in confronting and acknowledging mental illness, as well as in promoting mental health in general. I wanted to present self-empowerment through choice and action and I wanted to highlight the relationship between body and home. Lastly, I wanted to discuss the way mental struggles express themselves differently for each individual.

Each of the four subjects has a guardian creature that is composed of plants and animals I feel are visually and conceptually apt to ward off negative symptoms of mental illness. Those creatures are then incorporated into the design of useful, everyday objects that correspond. Calm has a plant pot and pendant, using weighty centering forms that can be used to expel some of the nervous, fidgety nature of Anxiety. Positivity is about light, bright forms that reclaim control, temporary tattoos and a patch with a little pocket for a comfort object. Sleep is composed of curvilinear, enveloping shapes in the forms of a neck pillow and tealight. Organization is fast and focused; reminding to keep on task through a bulky wristband and dust plug phone charm.

I was inspired by the power of care packages and chose to design packaging that contained branding elements to flesh out Creature Comforts as a parentbrand. In this way, someone can order online and receive something special in the mail. It is my hope that Creature Comforts can help people struggling with mental illness to find validation, comfort and balance in their everyday life.

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Spring 2016