Threshold Detail

A massive tree “cabinet of wonder” was constructed and a range of products were placed inside, including a recently completed Seeker cloak. An environment was built for this object to exist in, to give it a kingdom. Viewers entered through a nondescript door into a dark room that smelled vaguely moist and loamy, like a wet forest floor. Real moss carpeted the otherwise industrial space, through which peeked live flowers and pulsing, color-shifting lights. A projected full moon shone on the wall. As the viewer stood quietly, a subtle sound came forward; a susurrus of night sounds— insects, water, breezes—emanating from hidden speakers in the walls. The cabinet itself was packed with books, bones, bottle and other artifacts, and the viewer was invited to peruse and interact with it.

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Phoenix McNamara

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Phoenix McNamara MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2016