e n g e n d r a d x s

engendradxs draws upon the domestic experiences of mujeres I grew around. It is a reflección of the contexto of lucha y resilience in which new generaciones are born. This installation explora themes of inmigracion, mujere’s labor, public agency, and feminism. engendradxs grows out of Cherríe Morraga’s Theory in the Flesh, which acknowledges lxs realidades of intersecting identities involving raza, location, y sexual longings. She speaks of the living contradictions y ongoing explorations of detaching and asserting oneself from y of struggling people. I place this work within a conversation that recognizes that lx lucha beings closer to us than we think.

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Type of Work Installation
Medium fabric, beads, artificial flowers, phones, canvas, thorns, abulita's pajamas, velvet
Dimensions Various Dimensions
Subject Matter Portraits

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Angelica Millan

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Angélica Maria Millán Lozano Visual Studies MFA Thesis 2017