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Type of Work Illustration for children's book
Medium Mixed Media, Traditional Ink, composed Digital
Dimensions 8x20"
Subject Matter Depiction of folklore from forgotten territories of the US, children's books, illustration, traditional media, mix media, composed digital, digital, folklore, ink, symbolism, traditional art, traditional symbols, traditional, story, women, Guam, women who saved guam, Virgin Islands, Afro American, African American, islands, tin flute, pig, boar, marriage, African folklore, African, Afro American, African American, islands, African folklore, African, Taino, Native American, Brother Rabbit, teeth, Brer Rabbit, anansi, story, creation, Tlingit, Alaska, Raven, Hawaii, Pele, Namaka, islands creation, Samoa, human maggot, creation of humans

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Leilani Galindo

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Leilani Galindo Illustration Thesis Fall 2018