New Moon

Current abortion debates fueled the making of my wolf sculpture, New Moon. Those who stand on the side of anti-choice legislation really work towards limiting opportunities for women, not in protecting life. By creating a piece depicting strong willed creatures In a state of perpetual rebirth I am bringing focus onto cycles and the mothers themselves.

The sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, and appetite for freedom is represented by the she-wolf. Many women throughout history and literature have been known as she-wolves. For example, Acca Larentia from the legend of the founding of Rome, Isabella of France who was the wife of Edward 2nd, Margaret of On-Jew known as the “She-wolf of France but worse” in Shakespeare’s Henry 6th, and Jessie Mae Hemphill, known as “The Delta’s She-Wolf of the Blues”. Most of these women were depicted as beautiful, but domineering and ruthless, like an animal that possesses a power not usually allowed for women in our culture.

Parallel to every historical outbreak of hysteria has always been concerns about the birthrate, family, and health of the nation. Western society can’t bare childbirth. We hide birth behind closed hospital doors and epidurals. New Moon asks the viewer to confront his or her fear of their own body through blatantly depicting the act of a continuous birth like an ouroboros.

Artwork Info

Type of Work sculpture
Medium plaster, plastic taxidermy eyes, noses, and mouths, and oil paint on top of a foam taxidermy base
Dimensions 74.5” long x 31” wide x 45” tall
Subject Matter animal figure (wolf)

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Lesley Silvia

Graduate Student
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Lesley Silvia LRVS MFA Thesis 2016